De-Stress your life

              De-stress your life!

Hi guys today I’m going to highlight some points as to why everybody needs to de-stress their lives not to just save their sanity but also to save some of the physical damages stress has on and in your body.

 Modern humans are not biologically meant to deal with how much stress is placed on their bodies and minds every day, we evolved over hundreds and thousands of years to become what we are today and this 9 to 5 job is not natural per se it is completely unnatural travelling in a car sometimes taking 2 hours sitting in traffic then sitting in a cubicle or repetitively lifting all day these kind of jobs cause all sorts of physical and mental stresses on our bodies which then leads to all these kinds of diseases of modern civilisation such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic pain in parts of the body due to repetitive jobs etc.

You see humans evolved with a fight or flight or rest and digest parasympathetic systems, they lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle, waking from sunlight then hunting and gathering there food then resting and digesting the food they caught or foraged for and stress would be caused by maybe an animal attacking them but there periods of stress where very brief where as humans today are always under some kind of stress which leads to high levels of inflammation in the body which if left unchecked can cause a whole host of diseases and problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety disorders and eating disorders causing obesity and type 2 diabetes. I’m going to present some of the strategy’s I use to deal with the stresses of modern day life to hopefully help you live more happy lives.

Meditation: I know everyone’s heard it before but it really does work wonders for coping with stress just setting even 5 minutes aside to meditate in complete silence calms me like nothing else. Now I started meditating by using an app called CALM which is great for learning the basics of meditation, now I do classes twice or three times a week and meditate at least 30 minutes a day. I highly suggest everyone ty meditation for stress you will see the benefits quite quickly.
Music: Another thing I started doing was just sticking my earphones in my ears and veg’ing out to my favourite music this little de-stressing trick works wonders for calming me down when things get to tense


  • Start a hobby: taking up a hobby is a wonderful way to relieve your body and mind of stress, my personal hobbies are working out and doing martial arts this just takes my mind off the things that are stressing me out, there are thousands of different hobbies you can take up so do one you love because a happy mind is a healthy mind


  • Diet: Let’s face it most people think they eat a healthy diet but they don’t, simple things like cutting out crappy processed foods and eating more fruits,vegetables and healthy cuts of meat will definitely help you de-stress by getting more vitamins and minerals in their diets that are so important for maintaining a healthy body and mind.


  • Adaptogenic herbs: Now I know it seems like a sales pitch but including one or even a few adaptogens that can help your body handle stress, the one I started with was Shilajit resin which really helped me not just with stress but lots of other problems I was having in addition to that I also take Pine pollen powder and chaga two very powerful adaptogens but there are plenty more adaptogens like rhodiola rosea,ginseng, eleuthero and the list goes on give one or few a try and reduce your stress levels


 I hope these tips and tricks can help you reduce the stress in your life and be sure to comment things that help you with stress and share this article with people you think might need to de-stress their lives.