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He Shou Wu 20:1 extract 100 grams

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He Shou Wu 20:1 Extract

This famous Chinese  herb used for centuries as an anti -ageing and rejuvenation tonic was said to have been discovered around 812AD by a weak sterile old man who had fallen asleep in a forest after drinking heavily that night, when he woke he noticed a long He Shou Wu vine, so he decided to dig up the roots and take them home, he began to consume them quite regularly a few months later he fathered a child for the first time and his hair slowly changed from grey back to its original black colour he was said to have fathered five children and lived well over 100 years old. These claims are bold and probably mostly myth rather than real though I will share the benefits which science has confirmed so far.

Benefits of He Shou Wu

  • Potent antioxidant increases superoxide dismutase in the body which has been shown to increase longevity
  • Supports liver and kidney detoxification
  • Calms the nervous system as a mild sedative
  • Increases dopamine which increases concentration, focus and learning higher dopamine levels lead to increases in growth hormone leading to its anti-ageing benefits
  • Increase in sex drive
  • Increases fertility in men and women
  • Modulates estrogen
  • Great for reducing cholesterol and blood pressure naturally

Plus many more benefits

Preparation of He Shou Wu

Our He Shou Wu is prepared the traditional way where it is cooked in a black bean soup for several days which stops the laxative effect which is present is unprepared He Shou Wu. Our He Shou Wu extract is a 20:1 water extract


How to consume

Take one half to one full teaspoon twice daily start off with the smaller dosing protocol then increase after one week if effects aren’t felt. Simply stir in water and drink or steep in hot water and consume or add to smoothies